Jet 716000 JWDP-12 Drill Press

Jet 716000 JWDP-12 Drill Press

Jet 716000 JWDP-12 Drill PressJet 716000 JWDP-12 Drill Press is all about tackling powerful drilling jobs. You can use this Jet drill press machine anywhere you want because it is made in a portable design. Further, it carries a powerful 1/2 HP induction motor that handles almost any drilling works. Further, Jet 716000 JWDP-12 Drill Press comes with 3-1/8 spindle travel for maximum depth cutting, and comes with innovative X-shaped Xacta laser that delivers the greatest accuracy.

This high quality Jet 716000 JWDP-12 Drill Press machine weighs 68 pounds and measures 29.7 X 19.9 X 12.2 inches. Since buying a high quality drill press machine requires heavy amount of investment money, so Jet 716000 JWDP-12 Drill Press comes with 5 years of warranty for the peace of mind.

Further, Jet 716000 JWDP-12 Drill Press carries a compact bench-top design, which is good for convenient transportation. It carries 10 x 16-1/8 inches cast iron base, which can fit securely on work benches with limited space.

Since, Jet 716000 JWDP-12 Drill Press comes with stable base design, so it allows for easy repositioning on work bench. Amazingly, it is powered by a heavy duty 1/2-HP motor for numerous drilling works. Read more…

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Jet 716000 drill press

Jet 716000 JWDP-12 drill press

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Jet drill press

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