Adjustable Mobile Base for Power Tools HTC-2000

Adjustable Mobile Base for Power Tools HTC-2000 - GiveAdjustable Mobile Base for Power Tools HTC-2000 has fully adjustable mobile base as it has side rails and corner pieces with holes spaced every inch to insure the accurate fit for your machine. It lets you move band-saws, table saws, sanders, drill presses jointers, planers and much more. It lets you open up space for more effective productivity, better organization and safety with great convenience. It has strong base that is very easy to assemble and it adjusts to fit virtually any large woodworking machine forming squares from 12 by 12 inches to 36 by 36 inches and rectangles as big as 20 x 52 inches. Read more…


  • For items that need a larger footprint the K1218 accessory rail kit is available. The kit includes 2 x 18in rails and 2 x 12in rails with necessary hardware” it will be 6 bullet points
  • Foot lever lock-unlock for ease of use, and the four wheels are durable hard rubber, which adds to the stability
  • Rugged 500-lb capacity means your heaviest machines will glide out of your way
  • Powder coated steel side rails and bottoms, plus Bora’s superior craftsmanship, make this a rock solid base. Features a limited lifetime warranty
  • Fully adjustable to fit almost any machine / tool. Expands from 12×12 inches to 36 x 36, and can go up to 20 x 52 – all in one-inch increments
  • Very low profile – increases machine height by less than 1 inch, meaning it won’t interfere with operation


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