StrongArm5 Heavy Duty Portable Drill Press

StrongArm5 Heavy Duty Portable Drill Press

StrongArm5 Heavy Duty Portable Drill Press

StrongArm5 Heavy Duty Portable Drill Press leverage device is perfect to use with any hand-held drill. Amazingly, StrongArm5 drill press offers all the same features as the Deluxe. It gives extra benefits like 1.5 times the strength of the Deluxe as wells as greater stability, less flex and a better edge grip. Further, StrongArm5 Heavy Duty Portable Drill Press also withstand more operator abuse more pressure to the drill bit.

This is a versatile portable drill press from the StrongArm5 brand. Further, it is a unique drill press that has both push and pull drilling capacity on various materials. Also, it is the safest drill press that will not be dangerous at all like hot drill slag to get in your face and eyes. This StrongArm5 drill press carries the newest design, in which you get stainless steel swing arm to increase the life span by 3 to 4 times longer than the older design. Read more…

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StrongArm5 Heavy drill press

StrongArm5 Heavy Duty drill press

StrongArm5 drill press review

StrongArm5 drill press

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