Jancy 4×4 Portable Magnetic-Base Drill, 120V, 11.7 Amp Motor, 4″ Diameter x 3″ Depth Capacity

Jancy 4×4 Portable Magnetic-Base Drill, 120V, 11.7 Amp Motor, 4″ Diameter x 3″ Depth Capacity

Jancy 4x4 Portable Magnetic-Base Drill, 120V, 11.7 Amp Motor, 4

Jancy 4×4 Portable Magnetic-Base Drill is high grade machine that performs great drilling tasks. It comes with all the required features to assist you in efficient drilling. On the other hand, the magnetic base is very helpful to deliver solid work.

With the purchase of Jancy 4×4 Portable Magnetic-Base Drill, you also get a carrying case, coolant container, chip guard, four centering pins, six piece wrench set, MT3 to 3/4 inch shank adapter, drift pin and safety strap.

This powerful portable magnetic base drill from Jancy brand allows 4 inches max cutting diameter and 3 inches depth, has 4 speed gear box for drilling through small and large holes. This is a lightweight magnetic drilling machine, which is perfect for vertical and overhead work. For the drilling convenience, it also comes with a removable integrated tank and gravity-fed cooling. Read more…

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Jancy 4x4 drill press

Jancy 4x4 Portable drill press

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Jancy drill press

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